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Welcome to The Association

Supporting Current and Former Members of the Regiment

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The association is comprised of members and executive members who support The Loyal Edmonton Regiment (4 PPCLI).  If you are/have served wearing the badge of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment, or close family relation, you can apply for membership!

How We're Helping

The Association is dedicated to promoting good fellowship and Esprit-de-Corps within the Regimental family and maintaining interest and liaison with the Regiment. Our responsibilities concern the interests and welfare of the serving and ex-serviceman of the Regiment, their dependents, and the community.

The association is responsible for:

Annual Dinner & Magazine

 The holding of an Annual Dinner in the fall and the publication of The Fortyniner magazine.

Memorial and Rememberance

The publication of memorial notices in the local press, on the anniversaries of the main engagements, in remembrance of our gallant dead.


 The laying of a simple wreath of flowers at the funeral of every ex-member of the Battalion. 


 The arrangement to attend the funerals of ex-members of the Battalion and to provide a detachment of members and pallbearers if desired. 

Advice and Assistance

 The rendering of advice and, where possible, assistance to all current and former serving members of the Regiment, their wives, and dependents in cases of need or trouble. 

History and Traditions

The perpetuation of the history and traditions of the Regiment in every way which is within the power and means of the Association.

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